The Cleveland Bay horse is one of the oldest breeds indigenous to Britain. Originally called the Chapman horses, carrying the wares of traveling salesmen. Cleveland Bays were used for light agricultural work, ridden in the hunt field and then pulled the family carriage to church on Sundays.

By the Middle of the 18th century the Cleveland Bay was improved by crossing Thoroughbred blood and soon became popular in the United states.

The breed is characterized by it's stamina, calm temperament, intelligence, soundness, ample bone, and good feet.

Standing at approximately 16 1/2 hands, and bay in color. Today, Cleveland Bays excel in dressage, and in the hunt field. When crossed with Thoroughbred blood they produce the ultimate Sport Horse.

Warning . . . When meeting a Cleveland Bay for the first time . . . You will fall in love with this beautiful, sweet, talented, breed of horse.